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M.O.M. Benefit

What would you do if your child were murdered?

It's shocking to think about during this time of year, but it's an important question. Every year thousands of parents lose their children to gun violence, and Clemmie Greenlee wants to do something about it.

Clemmie Greenlee, founder of Nashville Peacemakers, is a mom whose son was killed in a gang shooting. Instead of wallowing in her own grief, she decided to reach out and be a catalyst for change. Each year, Nashville Peacemakers treats 15 of these Moms with a very special Christmas dinner. On December 8th in Nashville, TN, we are hosting an intimate holiday dinner to benefit "Nashville Peacemakers" and Moms
Over Murder (M.O.M.)

Can you imagine that there are at least 15 mothers every year in our community who've lost a child to gun violence? These women come from broken and high-risk backgrounds in dangerous inner-city areas. For many of them, it's the nicest dinner they'll ever have.

Each mom is "sponsored" by caring and compassionate members of the community - people who lift their spirits and give them hope. Each woman receives a gift basket filled with products made by women or that support women's causes. While no gift basket can ever replace the loss of a child, this is our way of reminding them that they are not alone in this and that they are appreciated for their strength and courage during these difficult times.

As Clemmie likes to say: "There is no system to take care of us. We are the system!"

This year, you could be part of THAT system. A system of positive change in this time of social unrest. A system of hope and encouragement instead of fear and pain. A system of LOVE during the most wonderful time of the year.

We've partnered with Kyle Saylors, founder of the popular "Dinner with Dreamers" event here in Nashville to expand our impact and do even more for these women. That's where you come in. Your contribution to this event can make a big impact in the lives of these women - some of whom have never known the kindness of strangers.

Purchase an item (or two) from this collection as a gift to a mom who lost her child in gun violence. We will then add them to the baskets, along with any message of encouragement you'd like to provide.

If you can do only one charitable act this holiday season, make it this one.

Thank you for being the change we seek in this world!


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