25 Gifts For Christmas - CD

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CD includes 18 songs


CATEGORY: Christmas / Seasonal

Accompaniment to "25 Gifts for Christmas" book. 

Description of the BOOK: Keep the magic of the season with 25 Gifts for Christmas. Spend a few minutes each day to rediscover the gifts you already have, much like the old-fashioned Advent Calendar that reveals a treat on each of the 25 days before Christmas. The bonus songs and audio narrations (all performed by author and renowned singer Tatiana 'Tajci’ Cameron) offer extra inspiration that readers can enjoy while running their errands.


Songs that accompany the Gifts from the book:

1. O Come Divine Messiah - The Gift of Your Story
2. O Come O Come Emmanuel - The Gift of Freedom
3. I'll Be Home for Christmas - The Gift of Home
4. What Child Is This - The Gift of Family & Loved Ones
5. One Solitary Life - The Gift of Uniqueness
6. I Failed Again - The Gift of Compassion
7. Kyrie Eleison - The Gift of Forgiveness
8. How I Love the Christmas Season - The Gift of Health
9. Breath of Heaven - The Gift of Courage
10. To Bethl'em of Judea - The Gift of Journey
11. Gloria in Excelsis Deo - The Gift of Music
12. Christmas Dance - The Gift of Dance
13. Panis Angelicus - The Gift of Breaking Bread
14. Silent Night - The Gift of Silence
15. Ave Maria - The Gift of Gratitude
16. Amazing Grace - The Gift of Grace
17. Little One - The Gift of Life
18. Merry Christmas - The Gift of Love