Where or When - CD

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The sister duo performs jazz favorites and pop classics beautifully arranged by pianist/ orchestrator Jeff Steinberg and produced by David Langley.

1. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
2. Sentimental Journey
3. Where or When
4. La Vie En Rose
5. Over the Rainbow
6. Imagine
7. Fly Me to the Moon
8. You Must Believe in Spring
9. Crazy
10. You Raise Me Up
11. What a Wonderful World

From Liner Notes:

Where or When...

It’s Over the Rainbow, around the Moon, Jupiter and Mars. It’s in a world we imagine where no borders and no religions can divide us. It’s on the railroad track that takes us back to this Wonderful World where we meet again.

We are two sisters and best friends. We started out in the beautiful country of Croatia, where we sang with our Dad – songs in many different languages and from worlds much different from ours. Each of us ended up moving to America, traveled on different paths, and toured with different music until a tour called “Waking Up in America - Those Were the Days” brought our voices back together.

This album was recorded in Leipers Fork and Franklin, TN in the summer of 2019.

We hope these songs bring you sweet memories from the past, give you hope for the future, but most of all fill your present with love and gratitude – after all, every one of the songs here are beautiful gifts!

With love, Tajci and Sanya