I Thirst - DVD

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Genre: acoustic, live, sacral

Release Date 2004

Tajci's (Tatiana) Television Concert Special of "I Thirst: The Crucifixion Story" features Tajci's concert in Los Angeles filmed 'live' on April 5, 2004.

Performers include Tajci on keyboards and vocals, concert cellist Janel Leppin and Sanya Mateyas (Tajci's sister) on flute and vocals-- with a choir of LA area vocalists. Song highlights of the performance include "Silently", "Eli, Eli" and "I Thirst"; all penned by Tajci and Sanya.

This project has evolved continually over the course of one hundred concerts since it was first presented in 2001 and it captures what has been moving people in churches across America, and make it available to a larger audience.

Also included on the disc is a documentary filmed in 2004 about Tajci's life, chronicling Tajci's rise from her birth in communist Croatia to superstardom in Eastern Europe, before leaving it all behind to come to the United States to find freedom and spiritual discovery.